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Neon Christ
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  • Vinyl LP (LORD284) - New - Sold out

1984 by Neon Christ on Southern Lord - get your copy now!

Track Listing
Track Title Duration
A1 Parental Suppression 0:43
A2 The Draft Song 1:01
A3 Winding 0:40
A4 Bad Influence 0:33
A5 Neon Christ 1:44
A6 We Mean Business 0:53
A7 Yoof 0:02
A8 It's Mine 1:33
A9 Doom 1:03
A10 After 2:15
B1 The Knife That Cuts So Deep 3:13
B2 Ashes to Ashes 1:40
B3 Blind Patriot 0:59
B4 The Death They'll Give You 1:17

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