Sigh - Eastern Darkness
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Eastern Darkness

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Eastern Darkness by Sigh on Peaceville - get your copy now!

Track Listing
Track Title Duration
Desolation Demo (1990)
A1 Weakness Within
A2 Desolation Of My Mind
A3 Mentally Numb
Tragedies Demo (1990)
A4 Death Throes
A5 Sigh
A6 Mentally Numb
A7 Desolation Of My Mind
Requiem For Fools EP (1992)
B1 The Knell
B2 Desolation
B3 Taste Defeat
Far East Gate In Inferno Compilation (1994)
B4 The Zombie Terror
Split EP With Kawir (1994)
C1 Suicidogenic
C2 Schizo (Venom Cover)
Rare Recordings (1995-1996)
C3 Carnage (Mayhem Cover)
C4 The Seven Gates Of Hell (Venom Cover)
C5 Black Metal (Venom Cover)
C6 The Shadowking
To Hell And Back - Sigh's Tribute To Venom (1995)
D1 Black Metal (Venom Cover)
D2 The Seven Gates Of Hell (Venom Cover)
D3 Schizo (Venom Cover)
D4 Welcome To Hell (Venom Cover)
D5 Poison (Venom Cover)
D6 Witching Hour (Venom Cover)

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