Decadubs 5
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Decadubs 5

Various Hyperdub Artists
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Decadubs 5 is a vinyl-only double-pack companion to 'Hyperdub 10.4', the fourth and final CD in Hyperdub's series of collections throughout 2014 to mark the label's first decade in existence.

Both Decadubs 5 and its full-length parental set explore the club spaces opened up by house, garage and techno, as viewed through Hyperdub's singular filters.

Side 1 leads out with Lambeth, a long awaited previously unreleased track by Burial, with an unusually triumphant and - compared to recent extended montages - relatively direct 2step feel.

This is followed by the low slung tech-garage of Kode9's Oh, while on the flip the whole of Side 2 is given over to the lush deep house of Cooly G's Love Again.

Side 3 opens with the fathoms-deep bubbling bass and synth washes of DVA's extremely psychedelic Monophonic Nightmare, then Dorian Concept turns in a quirky remix of Martyn's classic Mega Drive Generation, which originally appeared on Hyperdub's fifth anniversary compilation in 2009.

Side 4 reveals another classic from the vaults in the shape of Cooly G's skeletal house cut Him Da Biz, and the EP comes to a close with energy levels turned up on Funkystepz's Vice Versa, a track much in demand since it first appeared on Kode9's Rinse 22 mix compilation from 2013

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