Fawlty Towers: For The Record
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Fawlty Towers: For The Record

Fawlty Towers
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  • LIMITED edition 6LP box set on white coloured vinyl (signed edition) (DEMRECBOX54) - New - Sold out

Fawlty Towers: For The Record by Fawlty Towers on Demon - get your copy now!

Track Listing

Track Title
A1 Communications Problems
B1 The Hotel Inspectors
B2 Second Sitting
C1 Basil The Rat
D1 The Builders
D2 At Your Service
E1 The Kipper And The Corpse
F1 The Germans
F2 A La Carte
G1 Waldorf Salad
H1 Gourmet Night
H2 Plat Du Jour
I1 A Touch Of Class
J1 The Wedding Party
J2 Enjoy Your Stay
K1 The Psychiatrist
L1 The Anniversary

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