After Forever - Remagine
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After Forever
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Remagine by After Forever on Transmission Records

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Track Listing
Track Title Duration
Chapter A
A1 Enter 1:06
A2 Come 5:02
A3 Boundaries Are Open 3:44
A4 Living Shields 4:11
A5 Being Everyone 3:38
A6 Attendance 3:26
Chapter B
B1 Free Of Doubt 4:40
B2 Only Everything 6:33
B3 Strong 3:38
B4 Face Your Demons 4:56
Chapter C
C1 No Control 3:17
C2 Forever 5:10
C3 Taste The Day (Remagine) 2:54
C4 Live And Learn 4:23
C5 Being Everyone (Acoustic Version) 3:22
Chapter D
D1 Attendance (Industrial Remix) 3:03
D2 Two Sides (Single Version) 3:17
D3 Strong (Piano Version) 3:41
D4 Face Your Demons (Alternative Version) 4:58
D5 Come (Session Version) 5:06
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