Agressor - Rebirth
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Rebirth by Agressor on Season Of Mist

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Track Listing
Track Title Duration
LP1-A1 Theology - Civilization - Wheel Of Pain
LP1-A2 Rebirth
LP1-A3 Barabbas
LP1-A4 Overloaded
LP1-A5 Apocalyptic Prophecies - Erga Meam Salutem
LP1-B6 Negative Zone
LP1-B7 Vanguard Of Naught
LP1-B8 Abhuman Dreadnought
LP1-B9 Torture
LP1-B10 Dor-Firn-I-Guinar
LP1-B11 After World Obliteration
Symposium Of Rebirth (The Original)
LP2-A1 Barabbas
LP2-A2 Rebirth
LP2-A3 Negative Zone
LP2-A4 Apocalyptic Prophecies
LP2-A5 Overloaded
LP2-B6 Theology - Civilization - Wheel Of Pain
LP2-B7 Abhuman Dreadnought
LP2-B8 Torture
LP2-B9 Dor-Firn-I-Guinar
LP2-B10 After World Obliteration
LP2-B11 Someone To Eat
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