Anathema - The Optimist
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The Optimist

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The Optimist by Anathema on Kscope

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Track Listing
Track Title Duration
CD-1 32.63N 117.14W 1:16
CD-2 Leaving It Behind 4:28
CD-3 Endless Ways 5:49
CD-4 The Optimist 3:37
CD-5 San Francisco 4:59
CD-6 Springfield 5:49
CD-7 Ghosts 4:17
CD-8 Can't Let Go 5:00
CD-9 Close Your Eyes 3:38
CD-10 Wildfires 5:39
CD-11.1 Back To The Start 7:30
CD-11.2 (silence) 3:03
CD-11.3 (Untitled Hidden Track) 1:10
DVD-1 32.63N 117.14W 1:16
DVD-2 Leaving It Behind 4:28
DVD-3 Endless Ways 5:49
DVD-4 The Optimist 3:37
DVD-5 San Francisco 4:59
DVD-6 Springfield 5:49
DVD-7 Ghosts 4:17
DVD-8 Can't Let Go 5:00
DVD-9 Close Your Eyes 3:38
DVD-10 Wildfires 5:39
DVD-11.1 Back To The Start 7:30
DVD-11.2 (silence) 3:03
DVD-11.3 (Untitled Hidden Track) 1:10
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