Richard D James Album
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Richard D James Album

Aphex Twin
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Richard D. James' fourth, autobiographical' album as Aphex Twin is regarded as his 'drill n' bass' showpiece. Originally released in 1996, the Richard D. James Album continues the lineage of his digital era (beginning from the previous album, ...I Care Because You Do), where familiar, playful melody locks into aggressive, hyperspeed breakbeats and quasi-jungle rhythms. This album also yielded the single Girl / Boy Song which, memorably, uses a self-parodying, macabre image of grave, scribed 'Richard James - November 1968' as a sleeve image.

Characteristically, the Richard D. James Album employs audio generated electronically, whilst furthering his ideas of more 'concrete' techniques such as sampling, distorting, looping and the use of human voice, physical instruments and environmental sound.

As compelling a listen today as it ever was.

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