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  • Vinyl double album (2LP) re-issue (WARPLP141) - New - Sold out
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Originally out in 2006, EP C/B EP was a double header from Battles that pulled together the previously released C and B EPs.

Across the joint twenty one tracks the group cement themselves as one of the most audacious cult groups operating in the folds of alternative rock and electronica right now. The tracks on show spin webs of poly rhythms, complicated time signatures and abstraction that crosses electronic and guitar band lines with intense and captivating power and force!

Experimental and astounding creating vast waves of increasingly exciting music that crosses borders and genres with ease while creating something vast, expansive and utterly unique. Available now for the first time as a double 12" set, EP C/B EP stands as a timely reminder of the innovation and importance of Battles within the current musical climate.

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