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Belly release Star

Track Listing
Track Title Duration
A1 Someone To Die For
A2 Angel
A3 Dusted
A4 Every Word
B5 Gepetto
B6 Witch
B7 Slow Dog
B8 Low Red Moon
C9 Feed The Tree
C10 Full Moon, Empty Heart
C11 White Belly
C12 Untogether
D13 Star
D14 Sad Dress
D15 Stay
CD-1 Someone To Die For 2:04
CD-2 Angel 2:58
CD-3 Dusted 2:48
CD-4 Every Word 3:33
CD-5 Gepetto 3:24
CD-6 Witch 1:35
CD-7 Slow Dog 4:02
CD-8 Low Red Moon 5:32
CD-9 Feed The Tree 3:29
CD-10 Full Moon, Empty Heart 3:02
CD-11 White Belly 3:36
CD-12 Untogether 4:44
CD-13 Star 1:27
CD-14 Sad Dress 3:44
CD-15 Stay 4:57
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