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Black Sabbath
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Black Sabbath release Paranoid

Track Listing
Track Title Duration
Original Album 1970
CD-1 War Pigs 7:58
CD-2 Paranoid 2:54
CD-3 Planet Caravan 4:34
CD-4 Iron Man 5:57
CD-5 Electric Funeral 4:53
CD-6 Hand Of Doom 7:08
CD-7 Rat Salad 2:31
CD-8 Fairies Wear Boots 6:14
CD-9 War Pigs (Instrumental) 8:02
CD-10 Paranoid (Alternative Lyrics) 2:52
CD-11 Planet Caravan (Alternative Lyrics) 6:04
CD-12 Iron Man (Instrumental) 5:59
CD-13 Electric Funeral (Instrumental) 4:54
CD-14 Hand Of Doom (Instrumental) 7:17
CD-15 Rat Salad (Instrumental) 2:32
1974 Quadraphonic Mix - DVD Audio: 5.1 STS / 2.0 LPCM Stereo
DVD-1 War Pigs 7:57
DVD-2 Paranoid 2:53
DVD-3 Planet Caravan 4:32
DVD-4 Iron Man 5:59
DVD-5 Electric Funeral 4:53
DVD-6 Hand Of Doom 7:08
DVD-7 Rat Salad 2:31
DVD-8 Fairies Wear Boots 6:14