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Black Stone Cherry
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Black Stone Cherry release Kentucky

Track Listing
Track Title Duration
CD1 The Way Of The Future 3:53
CD2 In Our Dreams 3:49
CD3 Shakin' My Cage 4:09
CD4 Soul Machine 4:01
CD5 Long Ride 4:03
CD6 War 4:07
CD7 Hangman 3:57
CD8 Cheaper To Drink Alone 3:51
CD9 Rescue Me 3:46
CD10 Feelin' Fuzzy 3:15
CD11 Darkest Secret 4:01
CD12 Born To Die 4:32
CD13 The Rambler 5:09
DVD1 Making Of Kentucky
DVD2 Making Of Video In Our Dreams
DVD3 Interviews With The Band