Bobbie Caris / Idle Withdrawal
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Bobbie Caris / Idle Withdrawal

Clark / Com Truise
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Clark and Com Truise go head to head on wax following a joint headline tour of North America, originally only available during the 40 show tour, Warp and Ghostly International have made a limited number of copies available for the wider world.

First to step up is Clark with a jacking homage to his pal Bobbie Caris, a galloping techno number that sounds like an electrocuted Powell jamming with some Analord gear - in Clark's own words "Bobbie Caris is a dear friend of mine of mine; and a synth hook and snappy knock-yer-fucking-eyebrows-into-yer-chin beat is the least I can do for him.....". A great follow up to his latest and greatest, Death Peak.

On the flip, Com Truise loads up the vivid synth swipe of Idle Withdrawal, venturing deep into the future whilst cruising through an analogue world, he continues the journey set out on recent LP Iteration by progressing forward with a laser-guided accuracy that perfectly compliments the Braindance-esque sound of the release as a whole.

Bobbie Caris / Idle Withdrawal is an incandescent hybrid of left field techno and electronica from two of the biggest, yet most singular artists operating on the very fringes of the scene.

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