Teens Of Style
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Teens Of Style

Car Seat Headrest
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Car Seat Headrest release Teens Of Style

Track Listing
Track Title Duration
A1 Sunburned Shirts 4:06
A2 The Drum 3:58
A3 Something Soon 4:20
A4 No Passion 2:51
A5 Times To Die 6:50
A6 Psst, Teenagers, Take Off Your Clo 1:01
B1 Strangers 5:39
B2 Maud Gone 5:58
B3 Los Borrachos (I Don't Have Any Hope Left, But The Weather Is Nice) 6:23
B4 Bad Role Models, Old Idols Exhumed (Psst, Teenagers, Put Your Clothes Back O) 1:55
B5 Oh! Starving 3:51
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