Craterface - Thrash To The Future
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Thrash To The Future

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Thrash To The Future from Craterface on Independent - get your copy now!

Track Listing
Track Title Duration
1 There Is No Power On Earth To Be Compared To Him 1:14
2 My Arch Nemesis' Nanorobotic Saboteurs Rewired My Pre-frontal Cortex 1:34
3 Bionic Tetrabrach 1:15
4 Punk Rock Is An Evolutionary Dead End 1:56
5 The Advent Of The Human Marionette Means Immortality Is Within My Grasp 2:11
6 Tin Foil Mind Shield 2:07
7 Let Us Explore Space Together Forever 2:02
8 I Hope Your Child Is Born With Such Deformities And The Resultant Guilt Is So Burdensome, You Must Kill Yourself And The Adversity Your Child Faces Inspires Them To Create A Colossal Cyborg Body So They May Rule This World With An Iron Fist (And Lasers) In The Name Of Truth And Justice 2:15
9 Our Insect Overlords Shall Inherit The Earth 2:09

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