Creature EP
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Creature EP

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Mana is producer and composer Daniele Mana from Torino in Italy.

His debut EP for Hyperdub, Creature, is also the first under his own surname. It's one of his most vivid, personal and confident releases to date.

Since 2010, he has been releasing under the moniker Vaghe Stelle, with EPs and two full length albums on labels such as Gang of Ducks, Aisha Devi's Danse Noire, Astro:Dynamics and most recently, Nicolas Jaar's Other People records. He is also a member of One Circle with Lorenzo Senni and soundtracks composer Francesco Fantini.

On Creature, over eight tracks, he ingests Shostakovitch, Drexciya, Darkthrone, Frank Ocean and Paul Lansky, and refashions them into an almost operatic record - a rich, melodrama of dark tension and excitable in-your-face synth melodies.

In using his own name for the first time, he says he is confronting the unfiltered, "brutal truth" of his self, compressing "tension and anxiety" into a "claustrophobic sense of emotional vacuum." From the skulking clockwork of Crystaline, the rich drifting ambience of Sei Nove, to the panicky, rushy rave stabs meets horror theme of Running Man, it's lucid, dynamic synth music which uses drums sparingly, but occasionally swirls into little sublime vortices of arpeggiated hyperrhythm.

The melodies are bright and pitch bent, swollen by euphoric voltage surges and stuttering, soaring strings in Rabbia, plucking wide-screen, heart strings on Uno e Solo and lulling down into the delicate, shimmering prisms of Wetlife and Consolations.

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