Black Mirror: Black Museum
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Black Mirror: Black Museum

Cristobal Tapia De Veer
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  • Vinyl 2 x Colour TBC LP (ETR079) - New - Sold out

Cristobal Tapia De Veer release Black Mirror: Black Museum

Track Listing
Track Title Duration
"Pain Addict"
A1 Luring 2:39
A2 We Got A Miracle 1:29
A3 I Work For The Guys On Top 2:14
A4 Shifted Pleasure 0:35
A5 Experience Death & Come Out The Other Side 1:54
A6 A Receiver For Human Experiences 0:53
A7 One Man Fractal Fuckfest 0:42
A8 Nirvana 1:49
A9 Pain Speedball 1:38
A10 Fear Speedball 1:14
Monkey ❤ You
B1 To Live Via You 2:24
B2 I Really Feel 3:01
B3 Monkey Needs A Hug 2:37
B4 Happy For Us 2:21
B5 Familiarity 2:24
Digital Ghost
C1 Digital Self Rights 0:55
C2 Ten Second Agony 1:09
C3 Dead Man Walking 1:40
C4 He Looks So Real 1:32
C5 Always On, Always Suffering 3:03
C6 Souvenir 9:07
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