Time On Earth
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Time On Earth

Crowded House
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Crowded House release Time On Earth

Track Listing
Track Title Duration
A1 Nobody Wants To 4:10
A2 Don't Stop Now 3:54
A3 She Called Up 2:53
A4 Say That Again 5:20
B1 Pour Le Monde 5:09
B2 Even A Child 3:57
B3 Heaven That I'm Making 3:55
B4 Stare Me Out 4:17
C1 A Sigh 3:14
C2 Silent House 5:52
C3 English Trees 3:41
C4 Lost Island 3:17
D1 Walked Her Way Down 4:15
D2 Transit Lounge 4:22
D3 You Are The Only One To Make Me Cry 3:41
D4 People Are Like Suns 3:53
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