Danny Byrd - Atomic Funk
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Atomic Funk

Danny Byrd
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Atomic Funk from Danny Byrd on Hospital Records - get your copy now!

Track Listing
Track Title Duration
LP-A1 Salute
LP-A2 Better Life
LP-A3 Holy Star
LP-A4 Hold Up The Crown
LP-B1 Just A Step Away
LP-B2 Starting It Over
LP-B3 Devil's Drop VIP
LP-B4 Money Calling Me
LP-C1 Many Signs
LP-C2 Roll The Drums
LP-C3 Lizard Steppa
LP-C4 IDragon
LP-D1 Supreme
LP-D2 Atomic Funk
LP-D3 Tranquility
CD-1 Salute
CD-2 Better Life
CD-3 Holy Star
CD-4 Hold Up The Crown
CD-5 Just A Step Away
CD-6 Starting It Over
CD-7 Devil's Drop
CD-8 Money Calling Me
CD-9 Many Signs
CD-10 Roll The Drums
CD-11 Lizard Steppa
CD-12 IDragon
CD-13 Supreme
CD-14 Atomic Funk
CD-15 Tranquility

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