Djabe & Steve Hackett - Life Is A Journey - The Budapest Live Tapes
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Life Is A Journey - The Budapest Live Tapes

Djabe & Steve Hackett
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Life Is A Journey - The Budapest Live Tapes from Djabe & Steve Hackett on Esoteric / Antenna - get your copy now!

Track Listing
Track Title Duration
CD1-1 Lava Lamp
CD1-2 Life Spirit
CD1-3 Buzzy Butterfly
CD1-4 4000
CD1-5 Los Endos
CD1-6 Fly On A Windshield
CD1-7 Please Don’t Touch
CD1-8 Firth Of Fifth
CD1-9 Last Train To Istanbul
CD2-1 Golden Sand
CD2-2 Buzzy Island
CD2-3 Life Is A Journey
CD2-4 After Limoncello
CD2-5 Clouds Dance
Bonus Tracks
CD2-6 The Steppes (2018 Prague)
CD2-7 Distant Dance (2018 Kaposvár)
DVD1 Lava Lamp
DVD2 Life Spirit
DVD3 Buzzy Butterfly
DVD4 4000
DVD5 Los Endos
DVD6 Fly On A Windshield
DVD7 Please Don’t Touch
DVD8 Firth Of Fifth
DVD9 Last Train To Istanbul
DVD10 Golden Sand
DVD11 Buzzy Island
DVD12 Life Is A Journey
DVD13 After Limoncello
DVD14 Clouds Dance
Dvd Extras
DVD15 Life Is A Journey – Screen Film
DVD16 Beams Over The Nulvi Mountains – Music Video
DVD17 Tour Is A Journey 2018 – documentary

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