Dog Trumpet - Medicated Spirits
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Medicated Spirits

Dog Trumpet
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Medicated Spirits from Dog Trumpet on Orange Lounge Recordings - get your copy now!

Track Listing
Track Title Duration
1.1 Elizabethan
1.2 Speed Of Light
1.3 Made In The World
1.4 Arriving At The End
1.5 Bored Wife
1.6 Broke In Many Parts
1.7 Telegraph Pole
1.8 Raise Your Glasses
1.9 Penal Colony
1.10 Ray Davies And The Kinks
2.1 Moon And Star
2.2 Methylated Spirit
2.3 Tell Me
2.4 What Falls Away
2.5 Camel Rock
2.6 Shiny Armour
2.7 With Good Reason
2.8 Mean Time
2.9 Aqualine

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