Wrecking Ball
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Wrecking Ball

Emmylou Harris
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Emmylou Harris release Wrecking Ball

Track Listing
Track Title Duration
Wrecking Ball
CD1-1 Where Will I Be 4:15
CD1-2 Goodbye 4:53
CD1-3 All My Tears 3:42
CD1-4 Wrecking Ball 4:49
CD1-5 Goin' Back To Harlan 4:51
CD1-6 Deeper Well 4:19
CD1-7 Every Grain Of Sand 3:56
CD1-8 Sweet Old World 5:06
CD1-9 May This Be Love 4:45
CD1-10 Orphan Girl 3:15
CD1-11 Blackhawk 4:28
CD1-12 Waltz Across Texas Tonight 4:46
Deeper Well -- The Wrecking Ball Outtakes
CD2-1 Still Water 3:56
CD2-2 Where Will I Be 4:16
CD2-3 All My Tears 3:23
CD2-4 How Will I Ever Be Simple Again 3:38
CD2-5 Deeper Well 2:20
CD2-6 The Stranger Song 5:23
CD2-7 Sweet Old World 5:29
CD2-8 Gold 3:18
CD2-9 Blackhawk 4:43
CD2-10 May This Be Love 2:18
CD2-11 Goin' Back To Harlan 2:39
CD2-12 Where Will I Be 2:16
CD2-13 Deeper Well 3:06
Building The Wrecking Ball
DVD-1 Building The Wrecking Ball