Savage (Live At Brixton)
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Savage (Live At Brixton)

Gary Numan
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Gary Numan release Savage (Live At Brixton)

Track Listing
Track Title Duration
CD1-1 Hide (Intro) 1:51
CD1-2 Ghost Nation 5:02
CD1-3 Metal 4:32
CD1-4 The Fall 4:20
CD1-5 I'm An Agent 4:16
CD1-6 Bed Of Thorns 5:28
CD1-7 Dead Sun Rising 4:06
CD1-8 Down In The Park 5:15
CD1-9 Pray For The Pain You Serve 5:30
CD1-10 Here In The Black 5:02
CD2-1 Mercy 5:42
CD2-2 Love Hurt Bleed 5:02
CD2-3 My Name Is Ruin 6:47
CD2-4 Cars 3:28
CD2-5 When The World Comes Apart 5:31
CD2-6 Prayer for the Unborn 6:49
CD2-7 Films 6:08
CD2-8 Are Friends' Electric 6:33
DVD-1 Hide (Intro)
DVD-2 Ghost Nation
DVD-3 Metal
DVD-4 The Fall
DVD-5 I'm An Agent
DVD-6 Bed Of Thorns
DVD-7 Dead Son Rising
DVD-8 Down In The Park
DVD-9 Pray For The Pain You Serve
DVD-10 Here In The Black
DVD-11 Mercy
DVD-12 Love Hurt Bleed
DVD-13 My Name Is Ruin
DVD-14 Cars
DVD-15 When The World Comes Apart
DVD-16 Prayer For The Unborn
DVD-17 Films
DVD-18 Are Friends' Electric?
DVD-19 Interview With Gary Numan
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