Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Grant Kirkhope
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  • Vinyl 2xLP Translucent Vinyl (8BIT8084) - New - Sold out

Grant Kirkhope release Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Track Listing
Track Title Duration
A1 Two Worlds Collide
A2 The Adventure Begins
A3 Grand Opening
A4 Ziggies!
A5 The Waterfall Puzzle
A6 Ancient Gardens
A7 Hoppers!
A8 Mid Boss Mayhem
A9 Rabbid Kong Rumpus
B1 Cold Start, Hot Finish
B2 Tower Tweeter
B3 Rabbid Kong Rumble
B4 At The Tower's Feet
B5 Abbey Ruins
B6 Spooky Skirmish
B7 The Phantom Of The Bwahpera, Act 1
B8 Phantom's Phenomena
B9 The Phantom Of The Bwahpera, Act 3
B10 Phantom's Crescendo
C1 Phantom's Phortissimo
C2 In The Cold Of The Battle
C3 Icicle Golem Freeze
C4 Icicle Golem Fracas
C5 Icicle Golem Finale
C6 Lost In The Swamp
C7 Mystic Journey
C8 Into The Pit
C9 Exploring The Mine
D1 Heart Of Darkness
D2 Steamed Up In The Factory
D3 Bwa Enemies!
D4 The Lava Forge
D5 Bowser Begins
D6 Bowser Returns
D7 Bowser Bows Out
D8 The Phantom Of The Grantilda, Act 3
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