Growls Garden
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Growls Garden

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Much like his extraordinary Turning Dragon LP, Clark's Growls Garden sails through pristine electronic waters - all clean analogue lines colliding with choppy digital noise.

The eponymous lead cut sets the tone even brighter however with monotone vox swimming through a blistering electro assault, intricately programmed to the minutiae.  Elsewhere, Magnet Mine is brilliantly schizophonic while Seaweed is an uncompromising blast of driving techno done in the only way Clark knows.

It's Gonk Roughage where the real shock arrives; a hard slab of jacking hip-house and crunching techno-fied disco featuring a cut-up MC attack, it blows the ear canal wide open. This amazing record closes with delicate waves of glowing ambience on the choral Farewell Mining Town.

Hugely recommended...

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