Mag Earwhig!
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Mag Earwhig!

Guided By Voices
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Guided By Voices release Mag Earwhig!

Track Listing
Track Title Duration
A1 Can't Hear The Revolution 1:36
A2 Sad If I Lost It 3:10
A3 I Am A Tree 4:40
A4 The Old Grunt 1:28
A5 Bulldog Skin 2:59
A6 Are You Faster? 1:13
A7 I Am Produced 1:06
A8 Knock 'Em Flyin' 1:52
A9 Not Behind The Fighter Jet 2:13
A10 Choking Tara 1:24
B1 Hollow Cheek 0:32
B2 Portable Men's Society 4:16
B3 Little Lines 2:02
B4 Learning To Hunt 2:24
B5 The Finest Joke Is Upon Us 3:08
B6 Mag Earwhig! 0:39
B7 Now To War 2:44
B8 Jane Of The Waking Universe 2:25
B9 The Colossus Crawls West 2:13
B10 Mute Superstar 1:24
B11 Bomb In The Bee-Hive 2:03
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