Balance Presents Natura Sonoris
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Balance Presents Natura Sonoris

Henry Saiz
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Henry Saiz release Balance Presents Natura Sonoris

Track Listing
Track Title Duration
Lone Wolf (A Reality Medley)
1.2 Contacto
1.3 Bird Song
1.4 African Wedding Ceremony (JMII's Sagrada Familia Remix)
1.5 Veneno Mortal (R.I.P. BESTIA Acid Antidote JP 8080)
1.6a She Who Annihilates (Henry Saiz Our Discovery Version)
1.6b Our Discovery
1.7 Sur Les Genoux De L'automne (Henry Saiz Remix)
1.8 Sonder
1.9 Goliath (Brassica Remix)
1.10a Secrets (Tuff City Kids Remix)
1.10b Secrets (Brassica Remix)
1.11a The Walrus
1.11b The Nothing
1.12 Moon On A Bright Day
1.13a Luminous Black
1.13b Ventura
1.14 The Prophetess
2.15 The Prophetess
2.16 The Light (bRUNA Remix 2017 Master)
2.17 Entrée (Henry Saiz Remix)
2.18a Rave Flute (Balance Version)
2.18b Moonlight Wolf
2.19a Infinite Promises
2.19b Sleepwalk
2.20 Woodhouse (Henry Saiz Remix)
2.21a Death Drive (Eduardo de la Calle Remix)
2.21b The Pendulum
2.21c Sandman
2.22 Golden Dawn (Brynjolfur Dream Mix)
2.23a September
2.23b Track For The End
2.24 Spiricom (See You Soon) (Hal Incandenza Remix)
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