Some Cold Rock Stuf
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Some Cold Rock Stuf

J Rocc
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J Rocc release Some Cold Rock Stuf

Track Listing
Track Title Duration
Some Cold Rock Stuf
A1 Rocchead's Delight 1:58
A2 Don't Sell Your Dreams (Tonight) 3:21
A3 Stay Fresh 1:24
A4 Stop Trying 3:40
A5 Thru The Tulips 2:01
B1 Party 7:04
B2 Chasing The Sun 4:20
C1 Play This (Also) 5:46
C2 Malcolm Was Here (Pt 1+2) 6:16
D1 Take Me Away 2:59
D2 Untitled 5:36
D3 The Truth 3:35
Mystery Disc 3
E1 Untitled
E2 Untitled
E3 Untitled
E4 Untitled
E5 Untitled
F1 Untitled
F2 Untitled
F3 Untitled
F4 Untitled
F5 Untitled
F6 Untitled
F7 Untitled
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