Junie - The Complete Westbound Recordi
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The Complete Westbound Recordi

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The Complete Westbound Recordi by Junie on Westbound

Track Listing
Track Title Duration
When We Do
1-01 Junie
1-02 Loving Arms
1-03 Johnny Carson Samba
1-04 The Place
1-05 Anna
1-06 Tight Rope
1-07 You And You
1-08 When We Do
1-09 Married Him
1-10 Walt's Third Trip
1-11 Freeze
1-12 Cookies Will Get You
1-13 Not As Good As You Should
1-14 Musical Son
1-15 Super J.
1-16 World Of Woe
1-17 Granny's Funky Rolls Royce
1-18 Junie II
Suzie Super Groupie
2-01 Junie III
2-02 Suzie Thundertussy
2-03 If You Love Him
2-04 What Am I Gonna Do
2-05 Super Groupie
2-06 Surrender
2-07 Suzie
2-08 Stone Face Joe
2-09 Spirit
Bonus Tracks
2-10 Junie's Ultimate Departure
2-11 Walt's Second Trip
2-12 Tight Rope (Single Mix)
2-13 Loving Arms (Mono)
2-14 If You Love Him (Single Edit)
2-15 Super "J" (Single Edit)
2-16 Granny's Funky Rolls Royce (Mono)

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