Move Out
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Move Out

DJ Taye
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DJ Taye returns to Hyperdub for his second EP on the label after last year's popular Break It Down EP and a North American tour with Jessy Lanza.

The Move Out EP is a masterclass in a distinctly soulful, dusky footwork sound with a melancholic undercurrent that's crossed with a precise eye for detail.

Burnin Ya Boa (featuring DJ Manny) opens the EP with a crisp, micro-edited arrangement of tumbling piano, dubbed out chants and a heart-tugging woodwind melody playing hide and seek with racing, ever-changing footwork drum and bass patterns.

Go 2 Sleep (featuring DJ Earl) rolls with a narcoleptic woody percussion loop, and a vocal urging "Please go to sleep", a request which is challenged with drill sounds, rave stabs, energetic footwork drums, and soft bass tones.

The super minimal I Need I Want (featuring DJ Manny & DJ Spinn) takes a house a capella and spins it into something more urgent and compulsive, the vocalist's insistent, addicted pleas met with a downcast, tumbling melody.

Move Out ends the EP on a brighter note, with big Detroit techno chords and a warm Moog-like solo-cum- melody.

The Move Out EP is just a taster for the avalanche of new DJ Taye material in 2017.

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