Nile - Legacy Of The Catacombs
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Legacy Of The Catacombs

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Legacy Of The Catacombs by Nile on Relapse Records

Track Listing
Track Title Duration
CD-1 Cast Down The Heretic 5:45
CD-2 Sacrifice Unto Sebek 3:03
CD-3 Lashed To The Slave Stick 4:18
CD-4 Execration Text 2:47
CD-5 Sarcophagus 5:09
CD-6 Unas Slayer Of The Gods 11:43
CD-7 Masturbating The War God 5:41
CD-8 Chapter For Transforming Into A Snake 2:26
CD-9 Black Seeds Of Vengeance 3:36
CD-10 Howling Of The Jinn 2:35
CD-11 Barra Edinazzu 2:47
CD-12 Smashing The Antiu 2:18
DVD-1 Execration Text
DVD-2 Sarcophagus
DVD-3 Sacrifice Unto Sebek

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