Opeth - Roundhouse Tapes
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Roundhouse Tapes

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Roundhouse Tapes by Opeth on Peaceville

Track Listing
Track Title Duration
CD1-1 When 10:28
CD1-2 Ghost Of Perdition 10:56
CD1-3 Under The Weeping Moon 10:57
CD1-4 Bleak 8:39
CD1-5 Face Of Melinda 9:57
CD1-6 The Night And The Silent Water 10:28
CD2-1 Windowpane 8:01
CD2-2 Blackwater Park 18:59
CD2-3 Demon Of The Fall 8:13
Concert Film
DVD-1 When 10:54
DVD-2 Ghost Of Perdition 11:48
DVD-3 Under The Weeping Moon 10:18
DVD-4 Bleak 8:45
DVD-5 Face Of Melinda 12:03
DVD-6 The Night And The Silent Water 10:58
DVD-7 Windowpane 10:08
DVD-8 Blackwater Park 13:19
DVD-9 Demon Of The Fall 14:48
DVD-10 Untitled 5:34
Special Features
DVD-11 Band Interviews 11:57
DVD-12 Fan Interviews 15:55
DVD-13 Soundcheck 10:54
DVD-14 Photo Gallery
Menu Audio
DVD-15 Infinity 1:00
DVD-16 Infinity 2 1:00

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