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Ψ (Psi)

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Ψ (Psi) is patten’s third album, and second with seminal UK independent label Warp. On this latest release the visionary UK duo have created a unique form of deconstructed club music, merging elements of footwork, grime and techno beside modern pop, r’n’b and post-punk industrial, once again coming out with a sound truly their own.

Used 2 b is a prime example of their uncanny ability to meld elements from opposing genres, and dissolve the sort of boundaries that come to define them creating tracks at once alien, cohesive and captivating. The rainstorm field recording that opens up Epsilon before the taut bass and metallic percussion hits exemplifies the stunning mercurial nature of their hyperreal sound.

As a force in continual motion, patten cut a new path on Ψ, expressed through many forms, from the beautifully realised CG artwork to their soon-to-be-legendary immersive live AV shows. Their mind-altering drive remains, now retooled and sharpened in focus, transforming their freeze frame blur into high speed crystal clear emotive energy.

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