Pixelated EP
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Pixelated EP

Quarta 330
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Quarta 330 aka Toru Koda from Tokyo has a long relationship with Hyperdub, dating back to 2007 when he remixed Kode9 in his own then-unique 8-bit dubstep style.

In 2017, with Pixelated EP, his music has evolved and accelerated; this set of detailed, energetic chiptunes makes you take notice. It has all the hallmarks of what makes Quarta's music unique and exciting with a fierce sense of fun.

The EP kicks off with Resonate 3, perhaps the melodic highlight of the set, with an open-hearted, jazz fusion-like tune that Yellow Magic Orchestra would be envious of, and shivering chords set to a sparse, rattling beat.

The Fairies Homecoming reaches back to his dubstep roots with its reggae offbeat, but this time the reggae feel is matched with hyper-speed drums, reminiscent of early jungle.

On the flip, Yatagarasu bends whooshing, emotional chords and a bright snaking melody against stiff kick drums and deep bass, while Digital Lotus Flower is pounding and energetic with complex low-end bass and drums reminiscent of a heavy rain shower, tearing out to a stuttering bleeps and chords.

The Pixelated EP is just a taste of the new batch of Quarta 330 goodness on the way.

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