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Roger Waters - Soldier's Tale

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Soldier's Tale

Roger Waters
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Soldier's Tale by Roger Waters on Sony Classical

Track Listing
Track Title Duration
Part I
1 The Soldier's March
2 Slogging Homeword
3 Airs By A Stream
4 As You Can Ear...
5 The Soldier's March (Reprise)
6 Eventually, Joseph Reaches His Home Village
7 Pastorale
8 The Soldier, Disconsolate
9 Pastorale (Reprise)
10 The Soldier, Slowly Coming Back To Himself
11 Airs By A Stream (Reprise) : To Stretch Out On The Grass
12 Hey Satan, You Bastard
13 Airs By A Stream (2nd Reprise)
14 Naught To Be Gained Here...
Part II
15 The Soldier's March (2nd Reprise): Down A Hot And Dusty Track
16 He Doesn't Even Know Himself...
17 The Soldier's March (3rd Reprise): Will He Take The Road To Home
18 He Doesn't Have A Home Anymore
19 The Royal March
20 So, All Was Arranged
21 Later That Night...
22 The Little Concert: Light Floods The Eastern Sky
23 The Soldier, With A Confident Air...
24 Three Dances: Tango (Part 1)
25 Three Dances: Tango (Part 2)
26 Three Dances: Waltz & Ragtime
27 So, First A Tango
28 The Devil's Dance
29 The Devil, Confused
30 The Little Chorale
31 The Devil Recovers Some Of His Wits
32 The Devil's Song: Alright!
33 HM, A Fair Warning
34 Grand Chorale (Part 1)
35 Spring, Summer, Autumn.
36 Grand Chorale (Part 2)
37 Steady Now...
38 Grand Chorale (Part 3)
39 Steady, Just Smell The Flowers
40 Grand Chorale (Part 4)
41 Now I Have Everything
42 Grand Chorale (Part 5)
43 The Princess, All Excited
44 Grand Chorale (Part 6)
45 And So, Off They Go
46 Triumphant March Of The Devil

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