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Rotting Christ - Their Greatest Spells

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Their Greatest Spells

Rotting Christ
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Their Greatest Spells by Rotting Christ on Season Of Mist

Track Listing
Track Title Duration
1-1 The Sign Of Prime Creation
1-2 Athanati Este
1-3 Non Serviam
1-4 King Of A Stellar War
1-5 Nemecic
1-6 Grandis Spiritus Diavolos
1-7 Art Of Sin
1-8 Dying
1-9 Archon
1-10 Serve In Heaven
1-11 Astral Embodiment
1-12 After Dark I Feel
1-13 Sorrowfull Farewell
1-14 In Yumen-Xibalba
1-15 Elthe Kyrie
1-16 Cold Colours
2-1 The Sign Of Evil Existence
2-2 Fgmenth Thy Gift
2-3 Ze Nigmar
2-4 Phobo's Synagogue
2-5 Demonon Vrosis
2-6 ...Pir Threontai
2-7 Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy
2-8 Among Two Storms
2-9 Semigod
2-10 Welcome To Hel
2-11 A Dynasty From The Ice
2-12 Shadows Follow
2-13 Forest Of N’gai
2-14 Feast Of The Grand Whore
2-15 Exiled Archangels
2-16 Saturn Unlock Avey’s Son
2-17 I Will Not Serve

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