Sahara Michael / Fish
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Sahara Michael / Fish

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Hyperdub's original female producer Ikonika comes with this long-awaited release that lives up to all expectations, presenting two brilliant tracks that set the scene for her debut album due early in 2010.

Sahara Michael seems cryptic at first, but on repeated listens falls into focus, revealing its complex soul, marrying bright (dis)chords which contrast with the warm undertow of harmonies that flow throughout. The track steps into a bridge passage with a melody that recalls the funky worm melodies of prime G-Funk, extending the theme of contrasting polar opposites that the tune plays with.

B side Fish channels early Detroit techno at its most abstract and painterly. Smears of bright vibrating chords flash frantically across the mix, building into thick harmonic meshes backed by a hard drum pattern before they solidify into a triumphant melody.

Strange and beautiful music, in a full-colour sleeve to match!

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