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This Mortal Coil
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This Mortal Coil release Blood

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Track Listing
Track Title Duration
A1 The Lacemaker 4:06
A2 Mr Somewhere 2:52
A3 Andialu 3:03
A4 With Tomorrrow 2:40
A5 Loose Joints 2:26
A6 You And Your Sister 3:14
B7 Nature's Way 3:19
B8 I Come And Stand At Every Door 3:54
B9 Bitter 6:25
B10 Baby Ray Baby 2:13
B11 Several Times 3:12
C12 The Lacemaker II 1:24
C13 Late Night 3:03
C14 Ruddy And Wretched 3:15
C15 Help Me Lift You Up 5:06
C16 Carolyn's Song 3:47
C17 D.D. And E. 0:47
D18 'Til I Gain Control Again 4:43
D19 Dreams Are Like Water 8:37
D20 I Am The Cosmos 4:05
D21 (Nothing But) Blood 4:04
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