FREE shipping across Australia, DISCOUNT codes for everyone

COVID-19 is causing some delays across the world - it's taking longer than usual for deliveries to reach us, and sometimes longer than usual for post deliveries to arrive. So some good news for all our favourite customers!

  • Standard shipping to Australia is now FREE
  • Buy 2 or more items and get a CASH DISCOUNT with every order

As you know we're a family business, and we're in lockdown like the rest of you. Luckily, we sell vinyl and CDs, so we've got lots of great music to listen to, and we'd like everyone else to be in the same boat!

So while we all have some staying in to do, we hope we can help a bit. We've made standard shipping FREE for all Australian orders. And if you buy more than one thing at once, we'll give you a cash discount on every order:

  • Buy 2 items, get $5 off - use code BUY2
  • Buy 3, get $10 off - use code BUY3
  • Buy 4, get $15 off - use code BUY4
  • ... and so on ...
  • Buy 10, get $50 off with code BUY10

Just use the code BUY2 if you bought 2, or BUY3 if you bought 3, or BUY4, or BUY5, or BUY6... you get the idea!

Thanks again for buying from us - you're helping keep a small business afloat in very difficult times.

We hope you and your families are well, and please stay that way

All the best,


Greycell 90 Records