Original Album Series
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Original Album Series

Al Stewart
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Al Stewart release Original Album Series

Track Listing
Track Title Duration
Bedsitter Images
1-1 Bedsitter Images
1-2 Swiss Cottage Manoeuvres
1-3 The Carmichaels
1-4 Scandinavian Girl
1-5 Pretty Golden Hair
1-6 Denise At 16
1-7 Samuel, Oh How You've Changed!
1-8 Cleave To Me
1-9 A Long Way Down From Stephanie
1-10 Ivich
1-11 Beleeka Doodle Day
Love Chronicles
2-1 In Brooklyn
2-2 Old Compton Street Blues
2-3 The Ballad Of Mary Foster
2-4 Life And Life Only
2-5 You Should Have Listened To Al
2-6 Love Chronicles
Zero She Flies
3-1 My Enemies Have Sweet Voices
3-2 Small Fruit Song
3-3 Gethsemane, Again
3-4 Burbling
3-5 Electric Los Angeles Sunset
3-6 Manuscript
3-7 Black Hill
3-8 Anna
3-9 Room Of Roots
3-10 Zero She Flies
Year Of The Cat
4-1 Lord Grenville
4-2 On The Border
4-3 Midas Shadow
4-4 Sand In Your Shoes
4-5 If It Doesn't Come Naturally, Leave It
4-6 Flying Sorcery
4-7 Broadway Hotel
4-8 One Stage Before
4-9 Year Of The Cat
Time Passages
5-1 Time Passages
5-2 Valentina Way
5-3 Life In Dark Water
5-4 A Man For All Seasons
5-5 Almost Lucy
5-6 The Palace Of Versailles
5-7 Timeless Skies
5-8 Song On The Radio
5-9 End Of The Day
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