Beyond Serious
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Beyond Serious

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  • Vinyl 12" EP (WAP397) - New - Sold out

Bibio revives his youth-focused obsession of late '90s French House with a new 12" of rubbery club trax produced with Olivier St. Louis on the mic. The record is key to showing a side to Bibio's tastes that many may not have known previously existed.

Much like the ravished 808 on the cover shows, Beyond Serious shatters any pretense you may have had of Bibio's tastes for late night repetitious sounds. Having witnessed him roll the beats with a rinsing ragga jungle set at Warp 25 we can honestly say that the kick drum heavy house bounce of this EP comes as no surprise.

Built out of pure rhythm sculpted from an 808 Bibio purchased in 2016, he set about knocking together some straight-laced jackers, yet having given them a few rinses he felt that something was missing. In steps the vocal talents of Olivier St. Louis whose delivery is the icing on the cake of an EP that sounds like a more pop-oriented Dale Cornish.

Beyond Serious may allude to the EP as being Bibio merely indulging in a love for 4x4s, yet the tracks are so tightly wound that they are sure to smash any expectations, or 808s for that matter that dare tread in their path.

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