Time Capsule
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Time Capsule

Chris Bowden
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Chris Bowden release Time Capsule

Track Listing
Track Title Duration
A1 Natural Selection 0:35
A2 Mothers And Daughters Now Mothers 11:27
A3 Forbidden Fruit 6:22
B1 Epsilon Transmission 2:06
B2 Epsilon 15:13
B3 Love Lies Bleeding 0:34
C1 Time Capsule 4:00
C2 Mind And Matter 1:33
C3 Retrospective 7:44
C4 Solo 1:46
C5 Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA) 1:23
C6 Life Support 1:35
D1 Telescopic One 1:32
D2 Telescopic Two 6:43
D3 Telescopic Three 1:29
D4 Sane 6:31
D5 Angel Falls 0:54
D6 Mothers Too 3:29
D7 Deaf Out 1:28
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