Cold Chisel - All For You: The Best Of Cold Chisel
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All For You: The Best Of Cold Chisel

Cold Chisel
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All For You: The Best Of Cold Chisel from Cold Chisel on Universal Music - get your copy now!

Track Listing
Track Title Duration
A1 Standing On The Outside 2:56
A2 Khe Sanh 4:11
A3 When The War Is Over 4:25
A4 Bow River 4:22
A5 Rising Sun 3:27
A6 Lost 4:05
B1 Cheap Wine 3:25
B2 Flame Trees 4:24
B3 All For You 4:57
B4 Saturday Night 4:22
B5 No Plans 2:37
B6 Choirgirl 3:15
C1 Forever Now 4:27
C2 Breakfast At Sweethearts 4:10
C3 Yakuza Girls 2:26
C4 Four Walls 2:27
C5 Long Dark Road 4:34
C6 Ita 3:35
C7 The Perfect Crime 2:41
D1 You Got Nothing I Want 3:17
D2 My Baby 4:03
D3 The Things I Love In You 3:20
D4 Everybody 3:40
D5 Shipping Steel 3:24
D6 HQ454 Monroe 3:11
D7 Goodbye (Astrid Goodbye) 2:51

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