Lab Experiments Vol. 2
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Lab Experiments Vol. 2

Cookin' On 3 Burners
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Cookin' On 3 Burners release Lab Experiments Vol. 2

Track Listing
Track Title Duration
1 Posters (Early Recording)
2 Don't Be Upset (Radio Session)
3 Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror (Live)
4 Something Good (Early Demo)
5 The Singing Tree (Radio Session)
6 Anxiety Attack (Early Demo)
7 Time Machine (Alerternative Version)
8 Moving (Radio Session)
9 Art Land (Early Recording)
10 New Old Friends (Radio Session)
11 They Always Knew (Early Recording)
12 Had It All (Radio Session)
13 Summertime Called (A.K.A. Punxatawnie Phil)
14 Journey To The Center Of The Earth
15 Chicago
16 Don't Be Scared
17 Flower For Fahey (Acoustic Instrumental)
18 Buy Nothing Day (Electric Instrumental)
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