Cosmosis Volume 2
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Cosmosis Volume 2

Fhloston Paradigm
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Part Two of Fhloston Paradigm (aka King Britt)'s beautiful Cosmosis EP series starts with the haunting broken techno of Nimoy; bass line and subtle piano gently modulating over scissoring drum machines and dubbed out claps, the switches in rhythm and the layers of chugging drums catching you off beat. The track builds into a heart-tugging melody, the drums breaking up under it's force.

Return is a pure analogue brain massage of a track, a deep space exploration of undulating arpeggios and shimmering emotive notes.

The Hour finishes the record ; slow building waves of melody and chords, shimmer and swell, the repetition and addition of a mournful bass line consolidate the emotional energy of the track.

Tagged with: Hyperdub