Damn The Empire - With Trends Like These
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With Trends Like These

Damn The Empire
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With Trends Like These from Damn The Empire on Pee Records - get your copy now!

Track Listing
Track Title Duration
1 Riot! Reset! Riot!
2 Older, Wiser, Faster, Louder
3 The Last Gasp Of An Entire Scene, Neutered
4 We Are Your Government
5 The Comfort In Conspiracy
6 Blackwatership Down
7 Thus Spake The Prius Elitest
8 Divided We Stand
9 High Street Squatters, Inc
10 Less Chuck, More Ronald
11 Burn The Mainline
12 This Free Music Download Brought To You Courtesy Of Metallica's Lars Ulrich
13 Same Same But Different
14 A Modest Proposal
15 We Don't Make The Rules
16 Attaining The Unintelligable

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