Dr Feelgood - Adventures At The BBC
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Adventures At The BBC

Dr Feelgood
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Adventures At The BBC from Dr Feelgood on Grand Records - get your copy now!

Track Listing
Track Title Duration
On Stage
1-1 Looking Back
1-2 Stupidity
1-3 You'll Be Mine
1-4 You Upset Me Baby
1-5 Homework
1-6 Baby Jane
1-7 The Blues Had A Baby And They Named It Rock'N'Roll (#2)
1-8 That's It I Quit
1-9 Lucky Seven
1-10 She's A Windup
1-11 Lights Out
1-12 Looking Back
1-13 Sugar Shaker
1-14 I Thought I Had It Made
1-15 Ninety-Nine And A Half (Just Won't Do)
1-16 Milk And Alcohol
1-17 Night Time
1-18 Shotgun Blues
1-19 You Upset Me Baby
1-20 Down At The Doctors
1-21 She's A Windup
1-22 Lights Out
1-23 Riot In The Cell Block #9
1-24 She Does It Right
1-25 See You Later Alligator
1-26 Bony Moronie/Tequila
In The Studio
2-1 You Upset Me Baby
2-2 She's A Windup
2-3 Baby Jane
2-4 Ninety-Nine And A Half (Just Won't Do)
2-5 Night Time
2-6 Take A Tip
2-7 Down At The Doctors
2-8 Sugar Shaker
2-9 You Don't Love Me
2-10 She's In The Middle
2-11 My Way
2-12 Dangerour
2-13 Wine, Women And Whiskey
2-14 I Can Tell
2-15 The World Keeps Turning
2-16 Instinct To Survive
2-17 Shakin' All Over
2-18 Don't Start Me Talking (Unplugged)
2-19 Suzie Q (Unplugged)
2-20 Gimme One More Shot (Unplugged)
2-21 Let's Work Together (Unplugged With Canned Heat)
2-22 Back In The Night (Unplugged With Canned Heat)
2-23 Too Much Trouble
2-24 She's A Windup
2-25 All Through The City

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