Exorcism Of The Bridge@Eastham Rake
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Exorcism Of The Bridge@Eastham Rake

Mark Leckey
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One of the world’s most consistently exciting and iconoclastic visual artists, Mark Leckey arrives on Warp with Exorcism of the Bridge@Eastham Rake.

Having continuously drawn influence for his work from post-punk and early rave and hardcore, Mark Leckey is a true underground hero within British counterculture. His video, Fiorruci Made Me Hardcore, has been called ’the definitive view of British nightlife', and he has consistently pushed the boundaries of remixing, sampling and recreating across all of his art to date.

Exorcism of the Bridge@Eastham Rake is a mutated audio dialogue of the large-scale survey of his repertoire shown at New York’s MoMA PS1, a refracted view of his memories and internal mythologizing of a motorway bridge on the M53 in Birkenhead near his childhood home. The music sounds like a decrepit punk band who have just discovered a stack of scratched grime white-labels, before the MC turns up to croak the throaty refrain of ‘out demons, out!’ hoping to exorcise the malignant spirits, real and imagined, that seem to have come out of the woodwork of contemporary Britain. Evian Christ returns with a remix that pushes Mark's material onto the dance floor of one his vaunted and chaotic Trance Parties.

Exorcism of the Bridge@Eastham Rake is a perfect counterpoint to an unaltered state, Dream English Kid of the Lucozade glow.

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