Good Luck And Do Your Best
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Good Luck And Do Your Best

Gold Panda
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After a three year hiatus, Gold Panda returns paws up with the highly constructed new LP Good Luck And Do Your Best.

Following a series of trips to Japan with photographer Laura Lewis to collect visuals and field recordings, for a currently unmade documentary, Derwin left with a memory crate of impressions that he has dug through in creating this new album back in his family home in Chelmsford.

Composed of the trademark electronica we have come to expect from GP, Good Luck... is a more considered approach to this sound that leaves behind the more dancefloor focus that was heard on his last album Half of Where You Live, and favours a more organic sample laden sound more in line with his Lucky Shiner debut.

The album bounces between acutely tuned house and sample laden disco with a distinctly analogue feel, to lush arrangements of strings and acoustic instruments that could be woven alongside Bibio's Mineral Love or early Four Tet. Entirely mixed by Luke Abbott the fingerprints of Border Community crew are strong throughout, creating an album is the sort of intricate and emotionally-charged blend of house, IDM, and trip hop that both longtime fans of Gold Panda and newcomers will find impossible to resist.

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