Beverly Hills Cop
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Beverly Hills Cop

Harold Faltermeyer
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  • Vinyl LIMITED Banana Swirl 140g vinyl (ETR084) - New - Sold out

Harold Faltermeyer release Beverly Hills Cop

Track Listing
Track Title Duration
A1 Foley Finds Mikey
A2 Bad Guys
A3 Flowers
A4 Foley Busted
A5 Cops Follow Merc
A6 Late Dinner / Warehouse
A7 Shoot Out
A8 Customs
A9 The New Team
A10 Chase To Harrow's
A11 Rosewood / Foley To Gallery *
A12 The Discovery
B1 Rosewood Saves Foley / Rosewood / Foley To Mansion
B2 Good Guys On Grounds
B3 Foley Shoots A Bad Guy
B4 Zack Shoots
B5 Zack Shot
B6 Maitland Shot
B7 Shoot Out (Alternate Ending)
B8 The Discovery * [Alternate Version]
B9 The Discovery (Theme Suite)
B10 Zack Shot [Alternate Version]
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